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ARIS    Electric Actuators 
The name ARIS, is synonymous with innovative  development, design, production and distribution of high-quality industrial products in actuator technology. ARIS today is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of Electric Actuators. In the truest German tradition, ARIS Actuators are Products of Engineering Excellence

ARIS Actuators are especially well known for
  • Industrial Kilns (Steel/Ceramics/Glass)
  • Boiler Plants
  • Industrial Burners
  • Autoclaves
  • Gas control Systems
  • Industrial ventilation facilities
  • Enameling (e.g. for the car Industry) Industrial System Manufacturers viz.,
  • Heat recovery plants
  • Combustion Systems
  • Incinerator Systems
    • ARIS users appreciate,
    • High industrial product quality
    • Heavy duty & low maintenance design
    • Temperature range of -40 to 80 C
    • 100% Continuous Duty
    • Continuous control times, even with      Fluctuations in voltage and load.
    • Extremely short reaction Times (start/ stop in milliseconds)
    • High torque during operation and non-operation

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