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        Rotary Vane type Pneumatic Actuators

  • Single moving part Integral vane/shaft casting
  • Simplest and most reliable mechanism for quarter-turn rotary actuation.
  • No cranks or gearing, No power loss or backlash - allows accurate positioning.
  • Compact - space saving
  • Best torque/size package available.
  • Long maintenance-free life Up to 4 million operations guaranteed.
  • Stainless steel expanders & Double opposed lip seals for effective sealing and long maintenance free life
  • Direct mounting control modules For fail-safe, position indication and modulating operation etc.
  • No dangerous external moving parts safe for operation & maintenance staff
  • Durable exteriors, corrosion resistant Zinc Alloy body with Epoxy stove enamel finish.
  • Uniform and pure torque output No mid-stroke torque loss or side load to driven parts.
  • Easy stop adjustment at each end of stroke for accurate seating

Operation or positioning of ball, butterfly and plug valves. Ventilation dampers and automatic doors. Uses also include movement and positioning of components during manufacture - in fact anything that needs to be rotated through 90 or less, automatically or by remote control.

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